Steve McCann has been a force on the contest circuit for numerous years, being a top competitor in Dirt, Vert, and Park events. Earlier this year it was evident that Steve’s skills on the vert ramp had been improving rapidly, no doubt thanks to his move to Camp Woodward: you can only expect improvement when you’re riding daily with the best. At points like the China Invitational, where he finished second with strong riding, it looked like he was looking to fight for those top spots usually taken by Bestwick and Kagy. His season hit a snag with an ankle injury early, though, and the triple threat decided to pull off on Dirt in order to focus on Park and Vert. The focus paid off, as he has now made Finals in both disciplines in both Chicago and Portland, finishing third in Vert at both stops. He now sits second in the Dew Tour standings in Vert, and tied for seventh in Park.

Growing up in Australia, BMX can be an expensive activity to be involved in as you have to travel far for so many contests, but the plethora of cement parks makes it worth it for many of the youth. Steve has come a long way from being a BMX kid riding cement parks in Australia, to being a pro vert, dirt, and park shredder on the contest circuit here in the United States. Here is a little insight into the mind of one of today’s top all around riders and a serious threat on the vert riding circuit.

Hey Steve are you at Woodward currently?
Yes at the moment I am back at Woodward. Camp is over for the year and things are getting back to normal finally. It can be a little crazy during the summer.

You were riding in all 3 dew tour events earlier in the year, how is that going for you?
I was riding in all three until I got injured at the Chicago stop. I kept riding in the Park and Vert, but didn’t want to ride the dirt until my ankle is in better condition.

How have you been feeling riding Vert this year?
In Chicago I felt awesome, I was riding better than I had all year, and then I broke my ankle, it is what it is, I am not 100 percent at the moment. I didnt even touch my bike for two weeks after the Portland stop because I needed to heal up.

There seems to always be the top three guys in each Vert contest, do you think anybody else can break onto the podium?
You never know, people thought I would not be on the podium when I started riding Vert a few years ago. There are a number of guys who could make their way up to the top. I feel that DMC could make it up top if he put a full line together and pulled all of his tricks. Zach Warden almost got into the top 3 in Portland and has been getting better quickly. Jimmy Walker has also been having some good runs this year and I feel that Koji Kraft has a chance as well.

There have been a large amount of Australians on the tour that have followed in your footsteps and came over to America, how do you feel about having all of them over here?
It is pretty rad man, it’s great to see all of these guys coming over and riding. A lot of them have been doing really well, it is cool to see some of the Aussies up on the podium as well. I have also been watching some motocross and I saw Chad Reed another Aussie wrap up the title.

Have you been doing anything else besides riding? I know Jamie has been getting into motorcycle racing.
I have a dirtbike that I ride every now and then, but since my injury I haven’t wanted to aggrivate my ankle anymore.