Stephen Murray is the stoked new owner of a customized Mercedes van courtesy of the Athlete Recovery Fund. His new ride wouldn't be complete without a Rockstar Energy drink fridge in the back and a bumping sound system. But the real reason sponsors kicked in was to support the recovering BMX'er, who used to drive to therapy in a beat-up old van that would shake him as it rattled.

ARF Trails Jam – More BMX Videos

The van was presented over the weekend during a dirt session at Lonnie Paxton's trails in Riverside, California. Dew Tour riders Ryan Nyqist, Corey Bohan and Luke Parslow took part in the jam, but the real highlight came when Mike Aitken rode the trails. Aitken is recovering from a major injury he suffered riding trails just a few weeks after his remarkable win in 2008 at Salt Lake City's Dew Tour stop.


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