Thirty riders took to the largest Dew Tour BMX course in Tour history on the first day of the Pantech Open. Full stands could be heard roaring down the beach as rider after rider threw down for their spot on the remainder of the Dew Tour season. Making the most of his day on the beach, Kyle Baldock put together a really smooth run using the full course, including a flair whip, a flip whip over the box, and a no-handed-flair over the box. He finished the qualifying round in first and held onto the lead by a full two points. Baldock will compete again on Saturday at 3:30 in the Semifinals against top riders Brett Banasiewicz, Dave Mirra and the rest of the field who earned a prequalified spot for 2011.


1. Kyle Baldock – 94.00
2. Diogo Canina – 92.00
3. Austin Coleman – 91.00
4. Harry Main – 90.75
5. Chad Kerley – 90.25
6. Alessandro Barbero – 90.25
7. Glenn Salyers – 90.00
8. Matt Whyatt – 89.25

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      Kyle Baldock – Super Flip – 1st Place

      Diogo Canina – 360 No Hander – 2nd Place

      Austin Coleman – No Hand Flair – 3rd Place

      Harry Main – 360 No Hander – 4th Place

      Chad Kerley – No Hand Fakie – 5th Place

      Alessandro Barbero – 360 Double Whip – 6th Place

      Glenn Salyers – Barrel Roll Transfer – 7th Place

      Matt Whyatt – Double Whip – 8th Place

      Zack Warden – 360 Bike Flip

      Ben Wallace – Opposite 360 Look Back