The roots of transition skateboarding first cracked the surface of backyard concrete pools allowing for the original rebels of skate a place to hideout and hone in on skills they were pioneering. Eventually, the popular trends moved to vert ramps built from plywood and masonite. Now, you can find professional events building unique bowls, skate parks, vert ramps and even MegaRamps in order to properly showcase the talent skateboarding has to offer.

However, unlike what we have become accustom to in recent years, today’s transition all-stars are not the household names we have grown to know, trust and love – today it is the underage youth that is dominating the sport.

With serious competitors being shuttled to competitions, as they are not old enough to drive themselves, four youths ranging from 11 to 15 have competed and won on a national stage against the very same that have in the past and continue to inspire them.

Watch the video below as it introduces and showcases the skills of this new generation of skateboarders in action and explaining the sport they love.

Fortunately for everyone, the original innovators can still be found carving corners and airing hips in the same professionally built cement bowls broadcasted on televisions across the globe. These legends of skate serve as a simple reminder of the individuality and determination that has brought skateboarding so far as well as  the good times experienced align the way.

Here is a short video reliving the action from the Skate Bowl Legends Jam from the 2012 Pantech Beach Championship stop of the new Dew Tour. These guys may not be competing in the “pro” division, but they are still turning heads and drawing crowds as if they were the headlining attraction!