Pros Bucky Lasek, Steve Caballero, Tyler Mumma and more all made their way to the Ocean City, Maryland Public Skatepark to support a great cause and enjoy some skateboarding with their friends and locals. The Dew Tour Pantech Open is bringing so much excitement to Ocean City that Grind For Life, a group that helps victims of cancer, decided to harness some of the positive energy by throwing a fundraiser/party/skate jam.

Paul Wisniewski, Andy Mac and Chris Conway support Mike Rogers and Grind For Life

The whole region is behind the Dew Tour and participation showed in this event. According to Grind For Life founder Mike Rogers the booth was busy all day. Mike's was not the only booth, a vendor village, available to fans, offered many booths. There were some offering pro autographs, one supporting the Baltimore Skatepark, local shops, various brands, food and even one showing a photo history of the Ocean City Skatepark.

Brad McClain – lien to tail in front of Tyler Mumma and Steve Reeves

Speaking of skateboard history, the Ocean City park is the longest running city run skatepark in the world, at 36 years old. With all that history comes a wide range of skateboarders, from your young groms to your legendary old guys, some over 50 years old. Skaters young and old enjoyed the heated sessions throughout the event. The Dew Tour has brought on a reunion of sorts to many mid Atlantic skaters old and young who shared the bowl with pros during the friendly heated sessions.

Bucky Lasek signs the shirts of a fan

The event started with an amateur skate contest which all enjoyed. Not only were prizes given out but bikini models posed with the podium winners since Grind For Life likes to keep things fun and classy. Then the local legends like Josh Marlowe, Dave Tobin, Lawrence McDonald, Matt Dove and more started ripping up the bowl. As Dew Tour Practice ended pros Brad McClain, Steve Caballero, Daniel Cardone, Tyler Mumma and more wandered over and ripped some lines in the newly resurfaced bowl.

Daniel Cardone – frontside 50/50

Certainly more great skating went down in the bowl this day than it has seen in a long time. Live music was playing the majority of the time people were skating, further increasing the energy level.

On top of all the fun so much product was given away that no one went home empty-handed. All good things have to end and eventually the sun faded below the Isle of Wight Bay to the West. People were having so much fun in fact that they were reluctant to leave. The park does not have lights so eventually quitting was the only option but ending the event on a positive note is always good. Lot's of fun was had, cancer awareness raised, and many smiles were seen.

Mike Rogers and the winner of the longboard division in winners circle

Support a skatepark for Baltimore!

Wait, what? Matt Dove does an invert, holy hell!

Michael Friel

Mike Rogers giving away the latest issue of The Skateboard Mag

Steve Caballero, pretty much skating in the dark

Tyler Mumma, backside smith

Yea, Matt Dove, one of Baltimore's finest!