To celebrate the opening of the Woodward Facility in Beijing, China, AlliSports hosted a best trick contest. Some of the top skaters flew across the world, including Ryan Sheckler. Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson was on site to hand out the awards.

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Ryan Sheckler and Tom Asta battled it out at the Alli Best Trick at Woodward Beijing. While Asta, the Mystery Skateboards super Am bested Sheckler for 1st place on Zones 1 and 3, it was Sheckler who’s consistency among all 3 Zones earned him the overall title. David Loy skated out of his mind in Zone 2 and took the top spot there. Jimmy Carlin another Mystery team rider came with his A-game and snagged a pair of 3rd place finishes. The only skater besides Sheckler to make the top 5 in each Zone was Aaron “Jaws” Homoki and in a show of great sportsmanship Sheckler gave Jaws the Epiphone guitar that he won as part of the overall prize package.  

Check out the results from the entire event!
Zone 1:
1. Tom Asta – $1,500
2. Ryan Sheckler – $1,000
3. Dane Burman – $750
4. Billy Rohan – $500
5. Aaron "Jaws" Homoki – $250

Zone 2:
1. David Loy – $1,500
2. Aaron "Jaws" Homoki – $1,000
3. Jimmy Carlin – $750
4. Ryan Sheckler – $500
5. Curren Caples – $250

Zone 3:
1. Tom Asta – $1,500
2. Ryan Sheckler – $1,000
3. Jimmy Carlin – $750
4. Dane Burman – $500
5. Aaron "Jaws" Homoki – $250

Ryan Sheckler – $3,000 and Epiphone guitar