Shaun White claimed his third straight skate vert event title on the Dew Tour, winning the Dew Tour Championships with a 90.75. Sitting in second place going into the Final Jam, White fell on his first run, putting the pressure on himself for the rest of the jam. In typical White fashion, he responded with a run that included a heelflip to fakie, a fakie to fakie 540 and a 720 for the win.

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Pierre-Luc Gagnon took second in Las Vegas with back-to-back flip tricks, including a nollie kickflip mute in a strategic run that secured him the second Dew Cup of his career.

With each of the five skaters from Heat 2 landing a 720 in the first round of the finals, Pedro Barros, Andy Macdonald, White and PLG all advanced to the Final Jam. Bucky Lasek was the last to qualify for the Final Jam, waiting until his fourth and final run to put it all together when it really mattered.


White's second run in the Final Jam put him in the lead, but PLG followed with big tricks that placed him just behind White. PLG put pressure on White throughout the Final Jam, and when White fell on his final run, the door was open for PLG to try to take the lead. He landed back-to-back flip tricks in his fourth run of the Final Jam but fell as time was winding down, allowing White to earn his third consecutive win on the 2010 Dew Tour.

Andy Mac did his best to crack into the top two, landing a varial lien rodeo for the first time, a 720, frontside rodeo 540 and a nollie frontside 540, but his third-place finish at the Dew Tour Championships secured him second overall for the season.

Thanks to his win at the Skate Open and podium finishes at every other event on the Dew Tour, PLG’s second place at the Dew Tour Championships earned him the second Cup of his career, and he beat out the rest of the field by 50 points.

White missed the first event of the season with an ankle injury but came back with a vengeance, winning every event after that. However, the three wins were not enough for White due to PLG’s consistency throughout the year.


1. Shaun White, 90.75
2. Pierre-Luc Gagnon, 89.00
3. Andy Macdonald, 88.25
4. Bucky Lasek, 74.75
5. Pedro Barros, 60.50

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