Women’s Snowboard Superpipe Semifinals went off early this morning under bluebird skies in Breckenridge. Maddy Schaffrick came out on top with a run that began with a frontside air into a backside air, front 720, Haakon flip, stalefish, alley-oop 360, ending with a stylish switch backside 540.  The Colorado native’s score of 88.75 blew away the competition.  Gretchen Bleiler (83.75) and Queralt Castellet (78.00) finished in second and third, respectively. The top five semi-finalists will compete in the Superpipe Finals tomorrow against Kelly Clark.  

1. Maddy Schaffrick 88.75
2. Gretchen Bleiler 83.75
3. Queralt Castellet 78.00
4. Kaitlyn Farrington 77.75
5. Xuetong Cai 77.50

Men’s Snowboard Superpipe followed the women’s contest with a strong line-up that offered no shortage of excitement to a hyped crowd.  Shaun White and Iouri Podlatchikov battled it out with near-perfect runs. Shaun began his run by boosting out of the pipe for a huge backside air, into a frontside double cork 10, a cab 10, a frontside inverted 5 and a backside 9, ending with an alley-oop backside rodeo.  I-Pod came up just short with a score of 96.00.  Kazu Kokubo rounded out the top 3, scoring an 88.75.  The top nine semi-finalists will compete in Superpipe Finals tomorrow against Steve Fisher, JJ Thomas and Louie Vito.

1. Shaun White 98.00
2. Iouri Podlatchikov 96.00
3. Kazuhiro Kokubo 88.75
4. Christian Haller 85.25
5. Keito Kumazaki 82.50
6. Danny Davis 81.50
7. Scotty Lago 79.75
8. Luke Mitrani 79.00
9. Kohei Kudo 78.75

Shaun White

Maddy Schaffrick

Iouri Podlachikov

Gretchen Bleiler

Kazuhiro Kokubo

Queralt Castellet

Christian Haller

Kaitlyn Farrington

Keito Kumazaki

Xuetong Cai

Danny Davis

Scotty Lago

Luke Mitrani

Kohei Kudo

Louie Vito & Danny Davis

JJ Thomas Watching The Comp

Louie Vito & Luke Mitrani Hug It Out

Shaun White & Iouri Podlachikov

Scotty Lago & Danny Davis

Shaun White Getting A Tow

Luke Mitrani, Louie Vito, Jack Mitrani