This past Saturday, Belgium grown Seppe Smits rode out as the victor of the first-ever snowboard competition hosted in his home country. The FIS (International Federation of Skiing) decided to build the largest jump in the history of the Snowboard World Cup, measuring in at 38.5 meters (126 feet), and after some serious input from Smits the jump came to life in Antwerp. In case you’re curious as to what the scene looked like by the waterfront in Belgium, check out the wrap-up video from day two below then read the recap article posted on




1. Seppe Smits, 183.25 
2. Clemens Schattschneider, 181.50 
3. Pat Burgener, 180.00 
4. Roope Tonteri, 178.25 
5. Janne Korpi, 174.50