Dennis Enarson took the BMX park win less than 24 hours after he charged through the dirt jumps and won that final too. The Toyota Challenge in SLC was definitely Dennis' event, and having fun on your bike was the recurring theme.

The double whammy hadn't even had time to sink in when Dennis tried to digest it all after he stepped off the podium.

"It feels so crazy," Enarson said. "The win hasn't even worn off from yesterday. I came here this morning and everyone was like, 'Yeah, good job.'"

Podium shot (l-r) – Garrett Reynolds, 2nd; Dennis Enarson, 1st; Daniel Dhers, 3rd

"I just tried to drop in and keep my speed going," he continued. "I feel like this course was really hard for people to do that on, and so that's what I focused on. So from beginning to end, I just tried to keep going, and it worked."

Garrett Reynolds, 450 whip over the hip

There was Nike 6.0 domination on the BMX park podium with Enarson finishing first and teammate Garrett Reynolds taking second-place.

"I just had fun and rode my bike," Reynolds said. And that fun came in the form of a 720 barspin to fakie, a trick he's only pulled off once before, in addition to a ton of tech tricks that he made look like child’s play.


Jeremiah Smith, downside whip                                                  Ronnie Napolitan, tuck no-hander

"It was super cool to be back up on the podium," Reynolds said. "I didn't think I'd ever get back up there."

For two of the most uncompetitive guys on the Tour, they're making a big impression. Reynolds is the defending Dew Cup champ, and Enarson made history after becoming the only guy besides Nyquist and Guettler to be a BMX double threat and win twice at a single event.

Mike Spinner and Daniel Dhers chilling

"That's crazy," Enarson said when he heard the news. "I thought a few people had done it, but I didn't know it was just me, Guettler and Nyquist. And to be with Guettler and Nyquist, that's an honor. Those dudes are amazing and will always be amazing, so to be in that category is awesome."

Third place in the competition went to overall points leader Daniel Dhers, who brought out the 360 no footed can-can double whip and pulled his front flip over the spine. It was a bobble on a run that affected his placement, and he talked about it after the finals.

"I felt my run was going good," Dhers said. "I fixed the front flip and when I went to flair whip I slid out like an idiot. It sucks because I think I would have given him a run for his money. If I wouldn't have beat him, I would have at least got really close to him. But in a way I'm happy that it wasn't like I got underscored, or something like that. It was just that he legitimately won."

Pat Casey, 360 double whip

But for double-winner Enarson, his philosophy was not to try to win, but instead to just to have fun and let the rest come naturally.

"I honestly think that helps," Enarson said. "Me and Garrett were talking up there the whole time, laughing. Our friends are in the crowd and they're just messing with us.

Dave Dillewaard, 270 turndown                                                   Andy Buckworth, seat grab

"It's always an awesome thing to win, but we ride our bikes to have as much fun as possible. And this is just a bonus, coming to good contests like the Dew Tour and making money and stuff.

"We saw the dudes up there like, all 'Grrrr.' That seems like people always do worse when they're like, 'We have to win.' So I feel like that's why Garrett does so well, and that's why I'm starting to do a little better.”

Mark Webb, no handed flair                                                       Brian Hunt, lookback

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