The first BMX stop on the west coast this season took place on Sunday at Woodward West.  Many travelled from as far as Australia for a chance to make the Free Flow Tour Finals, but plenty of locals were also on hand hoping to benefit from their home court advantage.

BMX Park

The BMX Park open division was packed with 28 riders looking to make the cut into the final five.  The finals ended up as an Australia vs USA match up with two Aussie and 3 Californian riders vying for the top three spots.  Tehachapi local Sebastian Smith took the top spot, sealing the deal with a barspin transfer to a huge barrel roll over the quarter to bank gap.

Sebastian Smith, footjam

“It's so awesome to see your dreams become reality,” an ecstatic Smith said following his win. “There were some amazing guys riding today. Still can't believe I won.”

Ross Lanier clinched the 2nd place spot with a 360 double whip over the box to a flair on the next quarter. Wesley Hark came in 3rd, completing the American sweep of the podium. His style was packed with speed, which led to maximum air time on each trick.

Wesley Hark

BMX Dirt

The party then moved outside to the dirt course where 13 riders waited for the contest to get started. The Aussies came back strong in ths contest, with Jon Mackellar taking the top spot with some big combos, including a giant 360 tailwhip over the last set.

BMX Dirt podium

Mackellar accomplished what he had traveled to the States to do. "This was my first time in America, and we planned our trip around this contest,” he said. “Glad it worked out. Can't wait to come back for finals in San Francisco.”

Sebastian Smith and Wesley Hark again found themselves on the podium in 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Sebastian took 2nd with a tailwhip to backflip on the big line, while Wesley was riding both lines and pulled a trick on every jump.

Sebastian Smith, tailwhip

Junior Jam

The day started off with the Junior Jam BMX Park division. The top spot went to Paul Shariff, who had tailwhips over the box jump on lock. 13-years-old Tucker Smith came in second, pulling a couple 360's over the box jump. Using the park to his advantage and showing no fear of any of the obstacles, Kaden Stone rounded out the podium in 3rd.


  BMX Park BMX Dirt Junior Jam
1 Sebastian Smith Jon Mackellar Paul Shariff
2 Ross Lanier Sebastian Smith Tucker Smith
3 Wesley Hark Wesley Hark Kaden Stone
4 Mike Ross Ty Callais Tyler Bush
5 Jon Mackellar Brad Thomas Tim Nelson

BMX Park podium