Brand new concrete skateboard street course designs are bringing new skaters to the Dew Tour this year. One of the newest additions is Theotis Beasley, the guy with a big smile and big tricks. He got his first pro model board in May, after killing it is an am and getting coverage in the skate mags. He racked up solid parts in Baker, Nike SB and Transworld videos. He's hard working and focused on his career, with a mellow attitude and an easy-to-like personality.


What are you looking forward to in your first year as a Dew Tour athlete?
I'm looking forward to skating a major contest and trying to win some money.  It is also cool because I get to skate with guys that I don't see that often.

 What did you think of the Dew Tour’s first beachside stop in Ocean City?
I had a real good time in Ocean City hanging out on the beach.  I got to meet a lot of the locals and talk to all the girls. That bowl they built on the beach was crazy too!

This year, the Dew Tour skateboard street courses have concrete elements, Are there any specific elements you hope to see?  Why? 
I saw a picture of the Portland course and it looks real good.  The stair sets and ledges are what I'm looking forward to skating.

 You’re a part of Mountain Dew's Unlock You Spot activation to let local skaters session areas they’re usually prohibited from skating…how has that experience been?
It was a lot of fun judging that contest down in Ocean City, the local kids were killing it.  It was fun because I met all of the local skaters and then I saw them all over town the rest of the week and got to kick it with them.  I think it is cool that Mtn Dew is giving kids the chance to skate spots that are usually a bust.

What was it like being noticed by Andrew Reynolds and having him help bring you onto the Baker team?
Andrew is the man. I look up to him and he helps me out with a lot of decisions that I have to make.  It is a blessing that I have a guy like that in my corner. 

Recently you’ve been reviewing ‘Sponsor Me’ videos for Altamont Apparel…How does it feel to be able to give back to talented up and coming skaters?
It's great.  There are so many kids out there that are killing it these days. It is fun to be able to hook some kids with gear.

Does becoming more established in the skate industry bring added pressure to consistently progress?
I try not to pay attention to the pressure, I'm just making sure I still have fun. I just skate every day with my homies and stay grateful for the opportunity I have been giving.

Tune in to the skateboard street finals on NBC Sports on Saturday, August 13th

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