With just over a week before the first stop of the Dew Tour in Ocean City, Maryland, we took a moment to chat with Brazilian powerhouse Pedro Barros. At only 16 years old he's one of the youngest but also happens to be one of the best bowl and vert skaters out there. Pedro was a newcomer to the Dew Tour last season, and he made a big impression on the vert ramp. Be prepared for him to impress us even further in the bowl competition, a new addition to this year's Dew Tour roster.

Last season you did so well in your first year competing on the Dew Tour, and got Rookie of the Year. What were your expectations as a newcomer?
It's hard to say. I know that I'm very stoked about the inclusion of bowl this year! It's going to be much harder and much more fun.

It seems like you have mastered both bowl and vert. Which one do you feel more comfortable with and why?
I prefer bowl. It's always so different vert and bowl. When I skate bowl it feels more free. It's not all about tricks when you are skating bowl. You get to be creative, have good lines and add tricks without breaking the lines. I love it!!! I also like vert, because we can go high and do gnarly airs with style!

Pedro Barros – Indy

Do for you prefer competing in one more than the other?
I feel more comfortable in bowl, but if the vert gets a good format it's awesome too. I just don't like to skate 2 or 3 lines with 45 seconds!

Since you're from Brazil, how did you learn English and get to speak the language so well?
I used to live in Australia when I was 5 to 8 ½ years old and I went to school there.

Pedro Barros – Frontside Air

Do you plan to stay in the U.S. for the season, or will you travel back and forth to compete?
I always stay in the U.S. from July until the end of August.

What's it like to compete with Bob Burnquist, since he's such an icon in Brazil especially?
It's always the best for me. He is for sure one of the best skaters in the world and he always comes with the new tricks and new ways to skate. It is an inspiration!

Any new tricks you're working on for the season?
I don't work on tricks or anything for contests. I just go and skate.

Don't miss Pedro skating both bowl and vert this summer at the Pantech Open, July 21 – 24. Check your local listings on NBC Sports for the broadcast of Skate Vert finals, Sunday July 24.