The first half of our Season Preview with Louie Vito provided a unique perspective of snowboarding from one of the industry’s most successful, yet humble icons. In Part 2, the Dew Cup champion discusses everything from the current state of tricks and competitive riding, to what music he’ll be listening to while shredding through the upcoming Winter Dew Tour .

Louie celebrating at last winter’s Dew Cup Award Ceremony

What has been the biggest challenge in contending at the top level of snowboarding?
I think staying healthy and manning up and trying some of these new doubles without having an airbag or foam pit all the time.

As a returning Dew Cup champion do you feel any pressure to take the Dew Cup again this winter?
Only the pressure I would put on myself whether I am returning champ or not. I always want to go out and do the best that I can so that is my goal every contest!

How do you approach progressing your line in the pipe?
Just have fun and let your friends push you. Take that motivation of watching them ride well and crank it up.

Do you prepare early in the winter and stick with those tricks, or is there continuous progression throughout the competition season?
I try to get my old tricks back as fast as possible and if there is some time or everything is right, I then step it up.

Louie dominating the Dew Tour Superpipe

What is more riders adding tricks like dub 10’s and 12’s to their runs going to do for judging in competitions?
I think the judges have a hard time scoring contests just as much as we do trying these tricks. It’s not easy for them.

How important is maintaining amplitude and style in doing tricks like dub 10’s?
I think if you are going to be stepping up your bag of tricks you need to try and maintain some style while doing them. That’s the most important thing.

Have you developed any new tricks that you hope to throw out in the upcoming Dew Tour season?
I have some ideas and goals.

What is your involvement with W.A.S.(We Are Snowboarding)?
I support what they are trying to do. It’s not easy but I think what they stand for is something we need in snowboarding.

Why is W.A.S. an important movement for the snowboard community?
It’s the riders’ voice. It’s the people who go out there and put their health on the line for people to watch and have on TV. We need to be heard on some topics so the best contest is being put on.

You were recognized in the ESPN Body Issue for your increased physical fitness, how is that going to impact your riding?
I am feeling good, feeling strong and healthy, and I am ready to go!

Louie soaring out of the pipe at the Nike Open in Breckenridge, Colorado

How does it feel to be recognized alongside the best athletes from every major sport?
That was a huge thing for me. It meant a lot and I wanted to show some people who don’t know much about snowboarding that we are in shape and have to put in hard work on and off the snow to stay in the game.

Music is another big passion of yours, how was it meeting Ice Cube last year at the Dew Tour?
I was super hyped to meet Ice Cube. I am a fan of his music and of some of his movies so it was cool to meet him at the Dew Tour. He was chill and down to earth! Now we just need to get him snowboarding.

What music will you be riding to this year?
I always mix it up so we will see. Right now I am into Yelawolf, Meek Mill, MGK, Da Underdawgz, etc.

Louie hanging out with Ice Cube in Snowbasin, Utah

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