One of the few athletes known on both the BMX Park and BMX Dirt courses, Dennis Enarson has made quite the name for himself in the BMX world. This year he's taken a new role within the Dew Tour as one of the athlete ambassadors. As an ambassador he has helped to design the park course for the second stop of the tour.

You helped design the BMX Park course for Portland, what makes your course different from the one Ryan Nyquist helped design in Ocean City?
I had a lot tighter of a space to work with. You’ll notice it’s much smaller with less ramps. But to me sometimes the more simple the better. 

Did you get any requests or input from other riders or friends?
Yeah, thinking of ideas to fit the crazy puzzle of ramps that make up the Dew Tour course was harder than I could have imagined. So I asked riders for help and input as much as I could.

Dennis Enarson – No-hander

What are your thoughts on TJ Lavin designing the BMX Dirt courses this year?
I think TJ will come up with some cool original ideas for courses. If you have ever had a chance to see his backyard setup in Vegas you can see he knows what he’s doing with dirt. 

As one of the athletes that cross over into 2 disciplines, what is the hardest part about riding both dirt and park in one event?
Practice times overlapping with each other is the hardest. But I like it or I wouldn’t be doing both. Maryland was the first time I only rode one event at the Dew Tour, because that was the one with no dirt, and it felt so weird not having to bounce from dirt to park throughout the day. I missed it! 

Which do you enjoy riding more, park or dirt?
I love them equally. Dirt, park and street are what I grew up riding and that’s still what I have most fun on. 

What new tricks have you been working on?
None really. I like learning tricks randomly when the moment’s right. It’s easier that way. Right now I’m content with the tricks I’m doing and I enjoy them all. This year I’ve been trying to ride faster with more energy throughout the course. You know trying to keep up with Gary Young, haha.

Dennis Enarson – 2010 BMX Dirt Finals in Las Vegas, Nevada

Last year you rocked a backpack during the BMX Dirt finals, any new accessories like the backpack for this year?
Haha, that was because I hurt my knee before Vegas last year and after riding park finals the day before, it was so sore and I couldn't ride like myself, so I thought I would just finish the contest season with a laugh. Hopefully I feel good so my last run this year is a little better.

What was in the backpack you rode with during the Dew Tour Championship dirt finals?
My pads and tools. I can’t believe nothing fell out when I flipped the first set because I totally forgot to zip it up!