Scotty Cranmer has become a major threat in the BMX industry in recent years with the 2011 Dew Cup for BMX Park under his belt in addition to the 2012 gold medal in X Games’ BMX Park discipline. Considering he is currently one of the strongest riders in the sport, the time between sponsors will be short for Cranmer as he and Felt Bikes have officially parted ways for the 2013 year. Cranmer admits to being a little skeptical when he initially signed on with the team 9.5 years ago, but over time Cranmer grew to love the team and be proud of his decision to sign. Now, as the new year begins and these two part ways, everyone should be on the look out to see who he signs up with next. Cranmer has mentioned his excitement to announce the new sponsor in the next few days to come. In case you are curious as to what Cranmer’s most recent frame with Felt was like, check out the his BMX setup video below to see what he rode at Dew Tour. Also, if you haven’t yet, watch his Alli Show to learn how he came up, where he is from and how he currently looks at the industry.