Scotty Cranmer placed first in the BMX Park Semi-Finals with an insane run that included a fufanu to icepick to toothpick and a one-handed tailwhip. Cranmer finished just ahead of Brett Banasiewicz and Daniel Dhers with a score of 92.75 and will ride against Kyle Baldock, Ryan Nyquist and Dennis Enarson in the finals tomorrow night.

1. Scotty Cranmer 92.75
2. Brett Banasiewicz 90.75
3. Daniel Dhers 89.75
4. Garrett Reynolds 89.50
5. Chad Kerley 89.25
6. Ben Wallace 88.75
7. Ryan Guettler 88.75
8. Austin Coleman 88.75
9. Gary Young 88.25

Click the link for the full results from the BMX Park Semi-Finals.

Scotty Cranmer – 1st Place

Brett Banasiewicz – 2nd Place

Daniel Dhers – 3rd Place

Garrett Reynolds – 4th Place

Chad Kerley – 5th Place

Ben Wallace – 6th Place

Ryan Guettler – 7th Place

Austin Coleman – 8th Place

Gary Young – 9th Place

Brett Banasiewicz