In one of the most heated BMX Park competition’s the Dew Tour has seen, rookie phenom Kyle Baldock and accomplished pro Scotty Cranmer each threw down the best runs of the first round to end up tied for first with 91.38.


Check out Scotty’s First Run

It all came down to their second runs, and Scotty came out charging with an insane flip double whip over the hitching post to increase his score and break the tie with a 92.00.

“I watched the replay and it still doesn't make sense that I actually landed the flip double whip on the hitching post,” Cranmer said. “My foot was miles away and somehow made it to the pedal and rode away. Honestly it was in God's hands and I thank him for it.”

At that point it was up to Baldock.

“I was on the deck and Ryan Guettler comes up,” Baldock said. “He's asking what I was thinking for my second run and I told him I was going to do the same run. But then watching Scotty's run, I'm like 'I can't do the same run, I'd be better off just getting my bike and walking off right now.’ “

Baldock responded with his consistent and explosive riding, and came close to taking the lead after a big no-handed front flip on the step up and a risky but impressive and massive front flip whip, but he didn’t beat his first run score and finished in second with the 91.38.

Check out Baldock’s First Run

Daniel Dhers returned to the podium in third with his score of 91.25, after missing top-3 at last month’s Pantech Open. His first run gave him the points after he started things off with a corked no-handed 720 in a run that included tailwhip to late barspin over the sub rail and a 360 tailwhip transfer.

“It feels good to be back on the podium, but hopes for the Cup for me are really far away,” defending Dew Cup champ Dhers said. “There's one more park competition in Vegas, and it would still be cool  for me to win that stop. Nyquist has won it three years in a row, so it would be redemption for me to win that one.”

At this point, Baldock leads the standings with Cranmer in second. Baldock could be in contention for two Dew Cups after qualifying in first for BMX dirt, a discipline he says he’s only just learning. But he knows what he wants and he’s after it.

“It's just motivation to do well and to do anything I set out to do in life,” Baldock said. “And to show all the kids that they can do something with their life. And that's it right there.”

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Watch Scotty’s Winning Run

Scotty Cranmer – Icepick – 1st Place

Kyle Baldock – Flair Whip – 2nd Place

Daniel Dhers – Flair Invert – 3rd Place

Dennis Enarson – Seatgrab one-foot x-up – 4th Place

Brett Banasiewicz – No Hander – 5th Place

Garrett Reynolds – Table – 6th Place

Chad Kerley – Nose Wheelie – 7th Place

Ryan Nyquist – 720 Over The Gap – 8th Place

Gary Young – 360 Tailwhip – 9th Place

Ben Wallace – 360 Lookback – 10th Place

Austin Coleman – Whip – 11th Place

Ryan Guettler – No Foot Can Can Over The Gap – 12th Place

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