Thankfully, the wind changed direction today at the WWA Air Nautique Nationals, giving the riders perfect conditions. The result was a throwdown and lot of the riders were psyched on their runs. The D.R.I.V.E. format of judging includes an overall impression of the riders run, encouraging them to add individualism and be in a good flow. The following photos are a perfect example of what you get with good conditions and a meaty wake. Summer is in full swing and the riding is at an all-time high.

And it was hot… 103 degrees hot. But that is usually an advantage as a rider because your boots are nice and soft, your body is warm and everything's feeling good. Be sure to check out the FUEL TV show from this event because they are going to have some super stylish riding on film.

Danny Harf begins his run with a wrapped toeside melon backside 180. Moves like this help boost his overall impression score, because it's unique, difficult and super stylish.

Here's a good view of the Oklahoma City course with Trevor Hansen pulling a huge switch nose grab 180. Trevor got over an ankle injury this offseason and is looking super smooth in all the contests.

Jimmy LaRiche is right at home this season in Pro Mens. He's got a well-rounded bag of tricks including this stylish melon 180.

One of Phil Soven's go-to hammers is his nose grab switch crow mobe 540. Phil's got a great attitude this year and has all the talent to hang at the top all season.

Rusty Malinosk rode perfectly through the first round at Nationals. Here he pulls a front board to fakie off the Rockstar "rooftop" rail.

Rusty Malinoski rides away to a first place finish in his heat with a stalefish roll to blind. He's pumped and ready to step it up a notch in the semis.

Fans got to meet the Fox Riders Co. team at an autograph signing where they met the legend Shaun Murray, young gun Jimmy LaRiche and the one and only Danny Harf.

Shaun Murray busts a huge indy glide to start his run. Murray looks as solid as ever and goes insanely huge on a lot of his moves.