Sandro Dias finished as the lead qualifier in the Dew Tour's very first skate bowl competition, held in an innovative bowl assembled in sections before the concrete is poured. Dias threw down a massive backside 540, but it wasn't so much the tricks he pulled, but how he rode. Dias rode the bowl the way it was meant to be ridden, hitting all the right lines and making the bowl look small compared to everyone else. He will take his lines to the concrete again Friday at 1:30pm to see if he has what it takes to claim the first Dew Tour Bowl win.

1. Sandro Dias – 82.50
2. Dalton Dern – 80.50
3. Josh Mattson – 78.50
4. Tom Schaar – 77.75
5.  Michael O'friel – 77.25
6.  Alex Sorgente – 76.50
7.  Steve Caballero – 74.75
8.  Willis Kimbel – 73.00
9.  Charlie Blair – 72.75
10. Steven Pineiro – 72.50
11. Guillaume Mcoquin – 77.25
12. Sam Beckett – 67.75
13. Adam Taylor – 67.75
14. Jeurgen Horrwarth – 66.50

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Sandro Dias

Dalton Dern

Josh Mattson

Tom Schaar

Michael O’Friel

Alex Sorgente

Steve Caballero

Willis Kimbel

Charlie Blair

Steven Pinerio

Guillaume Mocquin

Adam Taylor

Bowl Overview

Theotis Beasley Checks Out The Comp