By Renton Millar – With an early start, a headfull of caffeine, and a field as good as Boston’s, sitting on the bubble is a nerve racking affair. I know, I just experienced it. Taking my runs in heat one, and knowing my score was close. I learnt that watching the whole of heat two skate with mixed expectations is not good for your nerves.

Going into any contest with longtime rippers like Lincoln, Bucky, Sandro, Mayer is gnarly enough, but add in vert skating’s latest sensation Alex Perelson, and other young guys like Adam Taylor, Elliot Sloan, Zach Miller, and Marcelo Bastos it seems like making the finals is anyone’s game… anyone who can stay on, that is.

Unfortunately for most of the guys in the second heat, bailing was the call of the day, with five people from the first heat making it through, and two from the second heat

At the end of the session Bucky, as expected, made his run, as did Sandro, Furlong, Taylor, Perelson and Rob Lorifice . The highlight for me was watching Alex effortly cruise through all of his “basics”, and not seem to be caring much. Halfway through his practice Furlong, who was next to me, yelled out “start trying”… somehow I dont think he really needs to. It was also good to see Sandro stay on. Guys who go big stoke me out.

At the end of the nailbitiing experience I made it too, with my nerves intact… just. Stoked, it is always great to skate in the finals anywhere, especially at the World Championships of Skateboarding! Bubble boy is fine with me as long as it ends up final boy!

The ten skaters in the Finals:

Pierre-Luc Gagnon
Andy MacDonald
Bob Burnquist
Sandro Dias
Bucky Lasek
Anthony Furlong
Alex Perelson
Rob Lorifice
Adam Taylor
Renton Millar