Skate Streetstyle stopped the show on Broadway in downtown Portland, Oregon and closed out the weekend at the Dew Tour Toyota City Championships, but the crowds wanted more.

Fourteen skaters stormed the streets and took three runs each, and with the course being as gnarly as ever they were all encouraged to keep their runs going even if they slipped up on one trick. The event resulted in nothing but adrenaline pumping excitement.

Moment of Truth:

It all came down to the final three riders as they were all in podium position but the order was still up for grabs. Alec Majerus went first of the final three and catapulted into the first place spot with an amazing nollie front feeble on the 10-stair rail. Then it was Curren Caples who had a super smooth run up top on the course but simply cam unglued near the bottom.

After that it was all eyes on Ryan Sheckler, the 2-time undefeated champ of streetstyle, who had yet to make a complete run from top to bottom. As Sheckler halfcabbed his way into the course to set up for what was his most tweaked out kickflip indy over the Toyota of the day, he continued to nail another frontside 360 indy up onto the truck bed and then headed for the final obstacle. Sheckler made the back tailslide to fakie on the container from car ramp to ramp and took it all — again!

Top Tricks:

Alec Majerus – nose bonk across the hood of the Toyota up top, crooked grind to fakie on the flat bar, nollie front feeble the 10-stair handrail and a solid kickflip off the shipping container into the final bank. Curren Caples – early grab to start his run, a tweaked out melon over the Toyota car gap, backside 360 indy the step-up onto the truck bed, front nosegrind on the flat bar from the kicker, kickflip from the car ramp to the shipping container and then a 180 into the bank. Riley Hawkkickflip off the starting truck bed into the kicker, a huge frontside nosegrab 180 over the Toyota car gap, 360 nosegrab the step-up onto the truck bed and a super smooth backside feeble across the flat bar from the kicker. 

Winner's Top Tricks:

Ryan Sheckler – halfcab into the first bank off the truck bed, a tweaked out kickflip indy over the Toyota car gap, backside 5-0 across the ledge on the brick bank, frontside 360 indy the step-up onto the truck bed, a front bluntslide across the flat bar onto the truck bed and a backside tailslide to fakie on the shipping container from the bank back into the bank.

Winner's Quote:

“I really like this contest and the whole idea of it,” said Sheckler smiling ear to ear while autographing skateboards. “When you are a little kid all you want to do is bomb hills, so to have a downhill contest with a bunch of gnarly ramps on it it just spoke to me — I love skating this event!” Sheckler went on to talk about what was going through his mind was Majerus nailed his third and final run saying, “Alec is my homie, so I was super stoked for him. I wasn’t tripping and thought he was going to win… You know, I actually really had to pee before my run. That was all I could think about at the top of the run and at the bottom — that’s actually all I could really think about.”