Ryan Nyquist does it again at the Red Bull Dirt Conquers contest with another first place finish reminding everyone who is the king of dirt… and anything else you want to throw into a BMX event. The Red Bull Dirt Conquers merges traditional dirt BMX trails with elements that resemble features one would ride in a park or the streets. Hosted in Guadalajara, Mexico, the Red Bull Dirt Conquers drew in the top athletes in the industry from all around the world. Take a look at the results below to get an idea of who all was in attendance and check out this video showing some of the course layout and event highlights. For more BMX from Ryan Nyquist, watch his Alli Show we just released exploring his BMX roots and watching him take his backflips to new heights at the bottom of this post!





1st Place – Ryan Niquist (USA) 89.00 

2nd Place – AJ Anaya (USA) 88.00 

3rd Place – Leandro Moreira (BRA) 86.20 

4th Place – Rob Darden (USA) 85.00 

5th Place – Maxime Charveron (FRA) 84.40 

6th Place – Corey Bohan (AUS) 82.60 

7th Place – Ryan Guettler (AUS) 82.20 

8th Place – Sergio Layos (ESP) 81.80 

9th Place – Ben Wallace (UK) 81.60 

10th Place – Víctor Salazar (USA) 81.00