This evening under the lights, the Dew Tour BMX Dirt Finals rocked everyone’s night, well those who were lucky enough to make it into the packed event. The bleachers were full, and any standing room was shoulder to shoulder.  The 12 finalists delivered to the packed crowd, throwing down crazy runs and going insanely high off the ten pack that Fuzzy Hall, a local rider and total legend, sculpted with hard work and some shovels. First place went to Ryan Nyquist, who just edged out TJ Ellis. The win helped him keep his lead atop the Dew Tour standings, putting him one step closer to winning the overall Dew Cup. 

After two runs, Nyquist was in second place, and had to put it all down on his last run. Ryan had the everyone’s jaws dropping on his legendary, huge suicide no-handed 360. He also pulled out a opposite 360 barspin right into a 360 double barspin.

Second place was TJ Ellis. All of TJ’s runs where worthy of the podium. He landed backflips, a 360 double tailwhip, and over the last set pulled out one of the hardest, gnarliest tricks in BMX: a frontflip tailwhip! The yells and cheers from the crowd, and the pros who lined the course showed just how amazing that trick was.

Third place went to Brandon Dosch, a super consistent rider who had an amazing run: Double tailwhip thru the generator to a decade, 360 lookback, opposite 360 whip, and then sealing it with a barspin to late tailwhip. Dosch now sits in second on the overall Dew Tour standings.

Fourth place went to the Australian rider Cameron White. Cameron busted out a double tailwhip over the 24 foot first set, 360 double tailwhip mid set and ending with a crazy corked out 720.

Landing in fifth place was Rob Darden, who killed it by landing big tricks and big runs: 360s, 720s, and solid riding all night.

Sixth place for this evening’s Dew Tour BMX Dirt Finals at the fourth stop of the season was Chris Gerber.  Chris Gerber’s run was good all the way thru and ended it big with a backflip double tailwhip. First time ever done in a dirt comp!

Seventh place went to the youngster of the group, and newest MTV2 reality star, Dennis Enarson. He may only be 18 years old, but he rode like a seasoned veteran. Dennis boosted off the dirt jumps, dropping into the set with a barspin to tuck, double tailwhip,

Eighth place went to the local shredder Colton Satterfield. This was Colton’s first Dirt Finals, but from the way he rode you would have never known. Colton was double whipping the biggest jump in the dirt jump set and nailing 360 barspins to clicked lookbacks all night. He even landed a 360 barspin to late whip – so nuts.

In ninth place was Diogo Canina. Diogo shredded with no brakes, starting off his run with a 360 table to a turndown backflip, and then ending with a backflip tailwhip.

Tenth place went to a semi local rider Josh the HULK Hult, who landed big tricks like his opposite 360 tailwhip.

Eleventh place went to James Foster who went down in his second run on a tailwhip to tailwhip back, and was not able to ride in his last run. Foster’s a gnarly digger though, and hopefully we’ll see him up and riding by the PlayStation Pro next month in Orlando. 

Twelfth place was Scotty Cranmer who was just not able to hold on and make it through the whole set with a solid run. He did however bust out a flair on the third lip of the set.

Diogo Canina Nohander

Colton Satterfield 360 Double Tailwhip

Rob Darden Turndown

Brandon Dosch Double-Whip

Dennis Enarson Double Tailwhip

James Foster No Hander

Chris Gerber Flip Double Tailwhip

Josh Hult Lookback

Ryan Nyquist 720 Truckdriver

TJ Ellis Front Flip

Cameron White Turndown