BMX Park’s Last Chance Qualifiers featured a battle for first and second between Ryan Guettler and Joshua Perry.  Guettler came out on top with a big backflip transfer, keeping the high energy going throughout his run.  Perry threw a big double tailwhip after dropping in off the wall ride to start his run.  Guettler, Perry and the rest of the top 5 will move on to compete in the BMX Park Semi-Finals on Friday night.  

1. Ryan Guettler – 89.13
2. Joshua Perry – 89.13
3. Dave Dillewaard – 87.88
4. CChris Hughes – 87.75
5. Alessandro Barbero – 87.38

Click the link to access full results from the BMX Park Last Chance Qualifier.

Ryan Guettler – 1st Place

Josh Perry – 2nd Place

Dave Dillewaard – 3rd Place

Chris Hughes – 4th Place

Alessandro Barbero – 5th Place

Ryan Guettler

Chris Hughes