In what the riders were calling out as one of the best courses the Dew Tour has ever built, the guys were throwing trick after trick as proof.

In his first big pro contest, Kechaud Johnson landed a switch backside 5050 down the ledge, a kicklfip backside ollie over the A frame and looked solid out there. The tricks kept flowing during his solo run and jam session and he advanced as the top rider in the 6-man final jam.

Once the final jam was underway, it was Decenzo who got his rhythm going with a nollie heel down the gap, and solid tech tricks while making full use of the course. His intro run, earlier jam and final jam score of 87.18 gave him the win and it also earned him the overall lead for the Dew Cup. When the competition ended, he credited the course with helping him take the win.

"The way they put the whole big section together was good, the hubbas were the right height and the rails were the right height, steepness and length," Decenzo said. "It was great for progressing and landing tricks consistently."

Greg Lutzka had a rough time at last month's Portland Invitational after breaking a board without a spare during the finals, but he redeemed himself at this event. He made Dew Tour history after landing a trick never done in the 6-years of skate competitions, and it was a first for him as well.

"I was super pumped to skate and I got the 270 blunt to 270 out and I've never done that," Lutzka said. "So that was huge right there just for me to progress. That's what I'm about. I'm about skateboard progression and doing stuff that other people have never done."

Paul Rodriguez finished in third after a switch frontside flip down the stairs, a switch 360 flip and solid switch and tech tricks throughout the final jamp. That keeps him in the running for the Dew Cup.

 "I started off really rough so I'm happy that I was able to fight my way up and get onto the podium and still keep myself in the race for the Dew Cup," Rodriguez said. "I definitely have some work to do but I'm still in a position where it's possible."

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Skateboard Street Overview

The Finalists

Ryan Decenzo – 1st Place

Greg Lutzka – 2nd Place

Paul Rodriguez – 3rd Place

Ke’Chaud Johnson – 4th Place

Manny Santiago – 5th Place

Danilo do Rosario – 6th Place

Alec Majerus – 7th Place

Timmy Knuth – 8th Place

Mario Saenz – 9th Place

Rodolfo Ramos – 10th Place

Ben Hatchell – 11th Place

Kurtis Colamonico – 12th Place