By Nick Lipton – Ryan Decenzo can't be stopped in a Transworld Best Trick contest. He dominated in Portland, slapping down the smoothest nollie back noseblunt for the big check, and now he's taken Salt Lake with another perfect trick. Skateboarding calls this one a switch 270 to fakie, but his switch frontlip wasn't too shabby either.

You could tell Ryan was enjoying himself, too. Minutes after his fourth place finish in Skate Park, Ryan was winning some cash on the front steps of the EnergySolutions arena and throwing every dollar into the crowd. Dave Duncan, official Dew Tour Skate announcer, asked Ryan to "Make it Rain" and while Ryan threw out hundreds of dollars little drops of rain started falling out of the sky. One Iggy Pop song later and Transworld pulled the plug. Ryan won, the huge crowd was stoked, and a few folks left a dollar or two richer.

While Ryan was busy crushing dreams, a few other skate stars showed the crowd a thing or two. Kurtis Colamonico locked into a proper frontblunt that earned him $80, Tulio Oliveira landed a frontboard, Fabrizio Santos backlipped the long white pole, and he even made it straight through the kink without a flinch. If there was a second place in a Best Trick it would have gone to Robert Lopez Mont, his kickflip boardslide was nasty. Outside of skateboarding, though, Adam Dyet deserves an award for best street moment. Not only was this rail a common spot for the Salt Lake native, but when Dyet puked feet in front of the security guards you could tell this wasn't the first time they'd seen this sort of behavior from Dyet.