When the Men's Freeski Slopestyle Open Qualifiers wrapped up today, it was Russ Henshaw who topped the field of athletes as the lead qualifier. Thomas Dolplads and Dane Tudor took the next two qualifying spots.

On his highest scoring run, Henshaw started with a gap 270 on the dub kink, a 270 on down rail, a right 900 with Japan Grab, a switch left 900 with mute grab to the launch rail with a right side 630 off the rail. He finished things off with a switch left dub cork 900 and a left dub cork 1080.

    Russ Henshaw

    The next highest qualifier, Dolplads, did a gap lip slide on the dub kink, a 270 off the flat down rail, a switch left 900 with a mute grab, a left dub cork 1080 w/mute grab, launch box 630 to right 720 and he finished with a left dub cork 1260.

    The athletes in Heat 2 were unable to complete their second run due to weather, so the top five finishers in Heat 1 and the top five finishers in Heat 2 along with the next three highest scores across both Heats will advance to Friday's Prelims.

    The top 13 finishers from today's Open Qualifiers advance onto the Men's Freeski Slopestyle Prelims on Friday, December 17th.

    The Women's Freeski Slopestyle Open Qualifiers will take place tomorrow (Thursday, Dec. 16th) afternoon with results to follow.

    Men’s Freeski Slopestyle Results

    1. Russ Henshaw 87.83
    2. Thomas Dolplads      83.17                           
    3. Dane Tudor           82.83
    4. Chris Laker          82.67
    5. Vincent Gagnier      81.83
    6. James Woods          81.50
    7. John Strenio         80.68
    8. Colby West           80.17
    9. Nick Martini         78.67
    10. Aleksander Aurdal   78.33
    11. Paul Bergeron       77.17
    12. Chris Logan         75.67
    13. Kolby Ward          74.00