Rune Glifberg and Renton Millar at Wellington BOWL-A-RAMA

The Oakley Bowl-A-Rama in Wellington, New Zealand took place this weekend where Dew Tour Vert skaters Rune Glifberg and Renton Millar competed to snag fourth and eighth place in the talented field. Coming on top was young Brazilian blaster Pedro Barros. They all make their way over to Bondi Beach, Australia for stop #2 in the series this weekend.

Make sure to check back for a full recap with photos and videos of all the action. 


1. Pedro Barros $4200
2. Otavio Neto $2500
3. Josh Borden $1600
4. Rune Glifberg $1100
5. Sky Siljeg $900
6. Chris Senn $800
7. Corbin Harris $700
8. Renton Millar $600
9. Sergie Ventura $500
10. Ronnie Yerman $400 

1. Pat Ngoho $1750
2. Lee Ralph $1100
3. Mike Spittlehouse $800
4. Sasha Steinhorst $600


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