Rough start to Day Two

When you're in the midwest in June, it's a great time to experience great natural occurrences, like tornadoes. However, during the middle of a Pro Tour event might not be the best time to experience that. We had a full-on twister rip through the area on Friday night, laying waste to many trees and flooding the streets. Any obstacle in the water was either sunken or blown over, including the Rockstar rooftop rail, transfer box and kicker. Almost every sponsor tent was trashed and every banner left dangling in the wind. The site was completely trashed. So the operations crew rallied and got some helping hands from the judges and a few riders at 7 am and did an amazing job getting the event back on its feet today under blue skies with calm water. The transfer box is not able to be hit, but the rooftop is back in action. Best run of the day so far had to be by dean smith, who stood up two clean passes and did every move way into the flats and no moves wake-to-wake. Super stylie. Stay tuned for more…


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