Australian Kyle Baldock came to the Dew Tour's Pantech Open just hoping to qualify for the tour after missing the cut last season. Redemption doesn't even begin to describe his epic sweep from winning the qualifier, to the Semi-Final and absolutely killing it in the Finals to take home the win. Meet your new Pantech Open BMX Park champion, you'll be seeing much more of the 20-year-old this season.

Kyle Baldock – Flip Whip – 1st Place

"That guy's not skipping a beat, he's an animal," said veteran rider Ryan Nyquist, who helped design the course and finished third with 92.50. "He's got a bright future, man. He's got some seriously gnarly tricks and he just seems to have a really calm, cool, collected competition head."

Baldock’s winning run went like this: Tuck no hander in, triple whip, then front flipped back, then aired the quarter and double flipped the box forwards. Then he did a bar-to-bar over the hip. Then a front flip over the spine, aired the quarter and flip whipped the box on the way back. Then he did a down whip into a flair whip into a bar tap into a 900.

Check out Kyle’s winning run: 

Dennis Enarson – No Hand Transfer – 2nd Place

"Front flipping the spine and doing a 900 are the new ones I just learned, so now doing them is crazy, and in a run too, I can't even say anything," Baldock said.

Second place went to Nike 6.0 rider Dennis Enarson. After spending some time away from the competition scene filming and traveling, he charged the course from the very beginning.

Enarson started things off with a flip whip straight to a double tailwhip into barspin and took the lead with a 93.75. But once Baldock rode, it was game over and the Australian's 94.75 held on until the end.

Ryan Nyquist – Truck Down Step – 3rd Place

Brett Banasiewicz – Flair Whip – 4th Place

Scotty Cranmer – 3 Super Indian Seat Grab Hip – 5th Place

Gary Young – 360 Table – 6th Place

Harry Main – Flair Drop In – 7th Place

Garrett Reynolds – Wall Ride Truck – 8th Place

Mark Webb – Decade 360 – 9th Place

Daniel Dhers – Flair Whip – 10th Place

Austin Coleman – 1 Hand Whip – 11th Place

Chad Kerley – Double Barspin Fakie – 12th Place