Robert Lopez Mont hucked a massive kickflip over the wall turning a $100 for the trick into $2,500 to take this year's Best Trick contest. A handful of the hardcore street skaters pulled plenty of tricks down the 11-stair rail outside the loading docks of the Rose Garden.

lopez mont

Hyping things up, announcer Dave Duncan had a fistful of cash that he passed out relative to the trick difficulty. The harder the trick, the higher the cash value.

dave duncanDave Duncan

Last year’s winner, Ryan Decenzo, rattled off a barrage of tricks and numerous bluntslide variations including a backside nose bluntslide, switch bluntslide and nollie nose bluntslide, pocketing a couple of hundred dollars for his effort.


 Jordan Hoffart threw down a 50/50 and 5-0 180 out on the rail for some cash and, after a few tries, landed a varial heelflip up and over the rail. Showing he was not in it for the money, he tossed his earnings to the crowd.

hoffart  decenzo

Jordan Hoffart                                                  Ryan Decenzo

Going caveman on the rail, Chris Troy did a caveman to blunt slide and Sierra Fellers did one to boardslide. Sierra then followed things up with nollie flip and nollie heel. 


Close but no cigar was Fabrizo Santos, wrecking himself with a one-footed nosegrind and Timmy Knuth, who tried to land a kickflip crook throughout much of the contest but unable to ride away.


The Best Trick was a great complement to the day's competitions where fans got to witness the rawness of true street skating.

lopez mont

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