As the title sponsor of the Dew Tour's Nike 6.0 BMX Open, it was appropriate that they opened the event with a massive autograph signing at the Niketown store in beautiful downtown Chicago. Four of the best riders in the world who happen to be the 6.0 BMX team, showed up to talk to the fans and pass out autographs. Last year's Dew Cup Champion in park, Garrett Reynolds, was onhand, with and dirt and park rider Dennis Enarson. New York street rider and entrepreneur Nigel Sylvester and 1080 pioneer Mike Spinner all were present and accounted for.

Line outside NikeTown for the Nike 6.0 BMX Team

Really this two-hour event was much more than just an autograph signing; with product giveaways, Q&A, and even a little community outreach it was more of an event.  Things got started at 3 p.m. when kids from Triple Threat, a Chicago youth mentoring program, arrived for a photo shoot, the grand tour and got some premium seating.

Free tickets to the Dew Tour were given away while all in attendance were treated to some groovy tunes courtesy of a DJ.  After the tickets, the giveaways continued when flip phones were handed out, and at 4 pm. the athletes arrived.

A stoked fan talks to Mike Spinner

After introductions were made there was a 20 minute Q&A session with the athletes talking about a range of subjects; from Garrett living in rural New Jersey, to Nigel talking about his store in Queens and sharing stories about how they all got started riding.

Twenty minutes quickly passed listening to the guys then some questions were taken from the audience.  Nigel then posed some question of his own to the audience and two lucky winners were invited backstage with Nigel to create some custom Nike 6.0 Primo iD shoes for themselves.

Reynolds, Enarson, Slyvester, Spinner

It didn't end there though, and more giveaways ensued, including Flip Cameras, Dew Tour tickets, an iPad and even a new BMK bike from Dennis Enarson's sponsor, Haro Bikes. Finally, all four athletes stoked out the fans with autographs and photos before getting carted away back to the Dew Tour venue at Soldier Field in South Chicago. It's great to see the companies and athletes give something back to the fans. When I was a kid I was so jazzed by events like this and it's clear that today Chicago fans were stoked too.