Anyone who has witnessed the Pro Wakeboard Tour for any amount of years would agree that today's action at Sparks Marina in Reno, Nevada made for one of the best season finale's in history.

A big-time move was landed for the first time in a contest, a Junior Pro clinched his 5-stop sweep and a rookie won the season title.

What a day. Emotions were running high as the final day of the 2009 MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour got underway. And emotions definitely peaked during the finals, as Rusty Malinoski signaled for a "left" double up at the end of his run.

Driver Travis Moye knew that this could be the day for the first 1080 in competition; especially since Rusty lands 1080s behind his own MasterCraft X Star wake pretty much daily. The crowd was silent as Rusty booted off the meaty double up. After spinning three frontside 360's, Rusty landed smooth, edging out on his switch toeside edge, making it look easy. The announcers, judges, sponsors and fans all went crazy. The center tower shook with the fever for this monumental moment in wakeboarding history. Rusty took a victory lap around Sparks Marina as his wife and son watched with pride and excitement. The entire site lit up with cheers as Rusty pulled back to shore, a true heroes welcome that he will never forget.

It seems like a 1080 would sum up the action for the day. However, Phillip Soven stood up a flawless finals pass, which scored him the first place finish for the Pro Men division. Bob Soven also claimed first place in the Junior Pro Men's division. This victory for Bob leaves him with a perfect 2009 season.

As for the Pro Women, Dallas Friday and Nicola Butler went head to head for first place, with Dallas prevailing in the end.

Although the riding has commenced, the day is not yet over. We are headed to the awards ceremony for the MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour here at the Nugget Casino. There is plenty to celebrate tonight and we plan on taking advantage of that. Take a peek at the photo gallery and wish that you were here to witness this epic wrap-up to the 2009 PWT season.

Danny Harf's wrapped toeside melon backside 180's have made for some of Rodrigo Donoso's best photos of the season.

Harley Clifford on his way to becoming the first rookie since Parks Bonifay to win a Pro Tour season title. Bonifay's was in 1996. – Toeside crail roll to blind.

Harley Clifford getting ready to strap in for a wild ride – his first Pro Tour season title.

Bob Soven boots a huge stalefish on his way to winning every event on the five-stop Junior Pro Tour.

Announcer Dano The Mano teases the Reno fans with free swag.

Phillip Soven pulls his signature switch nosegrab crow mobe 540.

Dallas Friday made a killer comeback in 2008, winning the Reno event putting her in good shape for a Queen of Wake title.

Danny Thollander pulls a huge crail glide off the Air Force kicker.

Dan Tholander Hanging On in Reno

Harley Clifford

Harley Clifford Flip

Dallas Friday Grab

Bob Soven Grab