In a last minute call, Dew Tour opened the alternate gates and gave the nod for three guys that were listed as alternates to ride the contest. With that, the 45-minute organized jam session was on. Each of the 13 riders took an introduction run to give announcers and crowd their first look at the different styles about to creatively take on the new course.

A two story roll-in tower marked the top of the street run. The takeoff and jibs were made up and placed on the most snow Dew Tour has ever shaped with on Washington Street in the six years of Snowboard Streetstyle's existence.

Crowds were first directed to the edges of the jib setups running down the course. But just beyond the town of Breckenridge's street sign and light pole marking the cross of Washington Street with Main Street–which became an obstacle this year—was a sea of fans inching their way toward the action.

Familiar riders such as Zack Hale and Dylan Alito hopped their way down the course before tapping the street pole spinning out. Alito was quick to tap backside and then spin 270 frontside off the pole. Alito also spun a back 360 to front 180 out on large blue rail section and flipped out of a front handspring off the mounted corrugated pipe.

Another highlight of the night came when Brandon Davis was the first to slide his way up, across and down the series of picnic benches and tables making up the final feature on the course. Davis also delivered a front board to 270 out of the shipping container with rail feature that marked the top of the course.

By the night's end, Davis found himself earning third overall just behind Nate Haust and Rene Rinnekangas taking the overall win.

"I just like to ride all kinds of stuff," replied Rinnekangas when asked him what it was like to win streetstyle only hours after competing in the modified superpipe during the Team Challenge for Rome Snowboards. His teammate Frank Jobin also rode in streetstyle after competing in the jibs section for their team.

"I didn't see this one coming at all," continued Rinnekangas with regard to his win after already earning third in the Team Challenge. "I thought Darcy Sharpe was going to win for sure."

Turns out the judges preferred the lofty airs and various hand plants that Rinnekangas was pulling on the final feature after gracefully navigating the upper section.

The judges also liked what they saw from Pat Fava, who won Best Trick after making the contest by way of being an alternate.

"The trick? Actually, I did it on accident. I was just trying to back 270 on, but then I 450'd out," laughed Fava after the action. "The event was super fun, my first Dew Tour. Hopefully I'll come back."

Snowboard Streetstyle Results
1.) Rene Rinnekangas
2.) Nate Haust
3.) Brandon Davis

Best Trick: Pat Fava