Torey Pudwill became $10,000 richer after winning The Maloof Best Trick contest on Saturday. The same day that the Maloof Money Cup qualifiers in New York took 45 of the best skaters and cut them down to a 12 man final for tomorrow. Pudwill who qualified second was full of combination tricks all day but it was his kickflip backside lipslide to backside tailslide on the pyramid ledges that sealed the deal. The top qualifier of the day was Paul Rodriguez and having already won Tampa Pro this year, his sights are certainly set on winning the first ever Maloof Money Cup in New York.

Last year's Maloof Money Cup winner and Dew Cup Champion, Chris Cole took the third spot in the qualifier followed by Bastien Salabanzi who plans to compete in the Dew Tour in Boston at the end of the month. Peter Ramondetta rounded out the top five.

Maloof Money Cup Semi-finals video

Friday Practice Video


Best Trick

Torey Pudwill  $10,000


Maloof Money Cup 2010 Pro Street Qualifiers New York City Results

Top 12 advance to Sunday's final

  1. Paul Rodriguez
  2. Torey Pudwill
  3. Chris Cole   
  4. Bastien Salabanzi
  5. Peter Ramondetta    
  6. Sean Malto
  7. Keegan Sauder
  8. Ryan Decenzo
  9. Greg Lutzka
  10. David Gonzalez
  11. Caswell Berry
  12. Sierra Fellers
  13. Billy Marks
  14. Eli Reed    
  15. Shane O’Neill     
  16. Dennis Busenitz     
  17. Chris Pfanner    
  18. Alex Olson  
  19. Nick Dompierre    
  20. Chris Haslam    
  21. Garrett Hill    
  22. Pete Eldridge    
  23. Billy Rohan
  24. Johnny Layton   
  25. Nick Trapasso   
  26. Adam Dyet
  27. Danny Fuenzalida
  28. Brandon Westgate
  29. Anthony Van Engelen  
  30. Lizard King
  31. David Bachinsky   
  32. Emmanuel Guzman
  33. Tommy Sandoval
  34. Mark Appleyard  
  35. Terry Kennedy  
  36. Brian Anderson
  37. Daryl Angel
  38. Eric Koston
  39. Stefan Janoski
  40. Geoff Rowley
  41. Chima Ferguson
  42. Danny Supa
  43. Danny Falla
  44. Dustin Dollin
  45. Brian Hansen aka Slash