From the people that brought you “That's It, That's All” comes a new breed of snowboarding adventures that will blow away all of your expectations, and it’s now available at Alli Rideshop in a DVD/Blue Ray combo.

The “Art of Flight” follows Travis Rice, Nicolas Muller, Mark Landvik, Jake Blauvelt, Pat Moore, DCP, Scotty Lago, Eero Niemela and John Jackson as they lay ground to a whole new level of snowboarding. Brain Farm has lifted the bar of snowboarding entertainment to a level unseen. This movie gives the viewer a glimpse of the trials and tribulations of what it takes to make a snowboard movie of epic proportions. (Action shot above – rider: John Jackson, photo: Scott Serfas, Red Bull)

Travis Rice with his sled                                                            photo: Stan Evans, Red Bull

Check out the trailer below and some images from the red carpet premiere with the entire cast in NYC.

Travis Rice handles the world media

John and Eric Jackson

“The Art of FLIGHT” Premiere in NYC

Mini ramp session at The Red Bulletin afterparty