Product Spotlight: Emerica Shoes Get Rad For Fall

Emerica went out on a limb when it came to designing their new Fall line, and gave the public full creative reign in a contest inspired by the annual Design-a-Tee comp.

And it was a 15-year-old skate rat who dialed in the Reynolds design and walked away with the winning model.

andrew reynolds          letter

“Dear Bossman…I am extremely honored if you are looking at my entry and even though I won’t win I would really dig it if you could write back and tell me what you thought of it and how things are when you’re the boss.”

It’s the scribbled words of Alex Doyon, from Bristol, Connecticut, that are printed on the tissue in the box of Reynolds newest skate shoe. Alex’s model has a purple tie die design with Altamont “A” logos that’s pretty unique.

Alex goes on to apologize for the poor quality of his sketches in his entry, saying he’s too poor to buy stuff to draw with. Classic! But he’s gets all professional with the specifics of the shoe.


“I also think more vulcanization would further compliment this shoes legacy,” he said. And there you have it kids, the Reynolds 3 Design-a-3 model is born.


If you like what you see, click the pic to check it out in the Alli shop.

There’s tons of styles to rock in the Fall line of shoes, and if you’re a fan of Ed Templeton, you’ll want the new Romero 2 Toy Machine.

Emerica pros Ed Templeton and Leo Romero teamed up for another Toy Machine collaboration, with Ed creating the artwork for Leo’s pro model shoe as well as the box, which is worth keeping.

The red shoe has an all-seeing eye on the heel and everything about the Romero 2 Toy Machine design is pretty tight, box included.


If you like what you see, click the pic to check it out in the Alli shop.

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