If you skateboard you probably know about Dekline Footwear and that they've been around for a little while. What you may not know is how much they've stepped their game up in the past year.  Not only do they boast a stellar new team roster (Chad Tim Tim, Austin Stephens, Matt Bennett, Nick Merlino, Pat Burke, Ben Gore…to name a few) but the actual shoes just scream "SKATE ME!!!" while still having great new styling that you haven't seen from Dekline before.

Chad Tim Tim gets a sunset switch front crook

A sure favorite of ours is the new Santa Fe in Midnight/Tan which happens to be Chad Tim Tim's signature colorway.  Leather laces and deep midnight suede make it stylish while a sticky vulcanized outsole and simple upper design make it functional.
Package all that up for under $60 and you got yourself a keeper.

Shop the new Santa Fe in Midnight/Tan (Tim Tim) here!