The day started off with the best pro wakeskaters in the world hitting the water at Sparks Marina. The lake was a perfect sheet of glass for the wakeskaters to hit the wakes of the Air Nautique 210. For just a quarter final round the riders pulled out all the stops to make it into the semi final rounds. Standout runs from veteran riders like Brian Grubb, Reed Hansen and Danny Hampson led them on to winning their heats. Highlights from that would be Grubb's toeside late front bigspin and Reed Hansen's switch mute bigger spin.

Mid-Day was full of some amateur semi final and final rounds. Standout runs in the Boys division from guys like Noah Flegel, Paulie Koch, and Robby Holihan. The conditions started to get a little breezy and the thunderstorms rolled in for about a half hour. Once the rains cleared it was just in time for the Junior Pro Men and Pro Women to get behind the Nautique 230.

The Junior Pro Men and Pro Women got great conditions after the storm when the sun peaked out and winds calmed down. The third heat of Junior Men was the gnarliest with Steel Lafferty and Nick Galotifore making it through to the finals. It was the triumphant return of Emily Copeland-Durham in the Pro Women division after the birth of her child, and she went out and made it into the semi finals.


 Amber Wing grabs melon on this off axis frontside 360. Amber went on to win her Quarter Final heat and move on to the Semi Finals tomorrow


 During the finals today, Dean Lavelle does a batwing in the Pro Veterans division. Dean went on to get 2nd spot on the podium.


 Shawna Hoffman pokes out this tail grab during her Quarter Final run.

 Dean Lavelle rode smooth all weekend long, grabbing his board here in the Finals today at the Air Nautique WWA Wakeboard Nationals.


 Daniel Powers presses out this back lip on the Rockstar Rail today during the Junior Pro Men Semi Finals. We'll see Daniel in the finals after he won his heat today.


   Ricky Gonzalezblasts this massive hoochie glide off the double up during the Pro Veterans Finals. Ricky went on to take top spot in the division and took home the 2010 WWA Nationals title.


 Stuck in the hardest heat of the day, Michael Dowdy pokes out this batwing to blind. Riding great in the semi finals, Michael just fell short of making it into the Finals.


 During the early morning Wakeskate division, Grant Roberts gets a solid grab on this stalefish. Grant qualified on to the Semi Finals.


 Doing one of the most technical tricks done on a wakeskate during a contest, Reed Hansen pulls off a switch mute bigger spin to win his heat and become top seed in the Semi Finals.


 The run of the day in the wakeskate division went to Brian Grubb. Here he catched a toeside late front shuv.