The rain didn't stop the parade of riding today, as the field shrunk greatly to qualify for Sunday's final. Our boy Rodrigo Donoso was on site today and shot photos all day, scoring some killer shots despite cloudy conditions. Remember that all the action will be wrapped up tomorrow after the main event goes down from 5-8 p.m. EST.

Danny Harf gets his tail super high on his method that he took way out into the flats.

Daniel Powers is one of the most stylish riders in Junior Pro Men. He just has that style that looks good no matter what he is doing. – Back lip

The rain started falling on J.D. Webb during his run, but that didn't stop him from getting all steezy on the rails and getting into Saturday's round.

The site in Acworth is pretty scenic and makes a nice backdrop for riders like Jimmy LaRiche to score some good photos. – Back lip transfer

Looks like Jimmy LaRiche is giving a thumbs up on the way back into the dock after taking first place in his heat.

Shawn Watson's mute roll to revert is a signature move of his. It's so banked out and he holds the grab all the way around.

Steel Lafferty won his heat today in Junior Pro Mens and will be a favorite on tour all season. – KGB (back roll, backside 360)