History was made on the water, and the MasterCraft Pro Tour has never been more fun. Thousands of fans were on hand and over 250 boats lined up on the course at Dallas Landing in Acworth, Georgia.
The crowd was hyped and so were the riders. The new format was a huge improvement and a lot of industry folks were saying this was the best and most fun Pro Tour stop ever. Read the press release here for all the details.
Enjoy the photo gallery from Rodrigo Donoso. A lot of these photos are worth more than a thousand words.

Adam Errington gets all steezy in this back lip during the finals.

Rusty Malinoski starts off his finals run with a back lip to fakie on the Rockstar rooftop rail.

Rusty's first wake move was a huge melon grab taken way out into the flats.

Rusty came in switch and pulled a 270 to front board on the transfer box.

Erik Ruck, who recently signed with Ronix, rode well all weekend with his classic style.

JD Webb was the best rail rider this weekend. This was one of his crazy rooftop combos that ended up in a pressed out back lip.

The limited-editon PWT Edition MasterCraft X-Star

Adam Errington tweaks out his tail glide, going huge way into the flats.

J.D. Webb's method is one of the coolest looking air moves on tour.

This move is a switch, overturned melon 180. A totally unique move which helps riders like J.D. put some individualism in their runs.

Rusty's stalefish roll to blind always makes for a good photo.

DJ Drop Top (wakeskater Brandon Thomas aka "BT"), the super-hot Rockstar babes and drummer Mike Mantas. The beats were going off!