It came down to the last runs of the Superfinal to decide it all in the skate vert battle at the Dew Tour Championships. Defending Dew Cup champ Pierre-Luc Gagnon walked away with the win and his third Dew Cup after putting together lines full of combos and difficulty no one could match.

Check out PLG’s second run of the Superfinal

"I've been on a roll for the past four contests," Gagnon said. "After I won Dew Tour in Salt Lake City I went to Europe and South Africa and I won both those events. So I was like, 'Let's just keep it rolling, keep it going.'"

It also came down to who could actually stay on their board and put together their run. After landing a frontside bluntslide during finals, Bucky was trying a nollie kickflip stalefish 360, and if he'd pulled it off the outcome could have been much different.

"It was like a battle all year and there wasn't any major lead from anyone," Gagnon said. "Especially since Bucky was right behind me by eight points. I skated with him all last week and I saw the run he was trying, and if he would have pulled that, it would have been close."

Shaun White pulled it together in his third run of the superfinal with a run that included fakie-to-fakie 540s, a 720, a body varial frontside rodeo and ended with his signature armadillo. He finished second with 91.50 to PLG's 92.00. Lasek finished third with 88.50.

PLG’s win also made it a Canadian sweep on the skate side of things at the Dew Tour, with fellow Canuck’s Ryan Decenzo winning street and Jordan Hoffart taking first in Best Trick.

Vert Overview

PLG – 1st Place

Shaun White – 2nd Place

Bucky Lasek – 3rd Place

Pedro Barros – 4th Place

Andy Macdonald – 5th Place

Adam Taylor – 6th Place

Ronaldo Gomes – 7th Place

Jonathan Schwan – 8th Place

Alex Perelson – 9th Place

Sandro Dias – 10th Place

PLG and Shaun

Pedro Barros

Vert Podium