Okay everybody. We just finished up the middle stop of the Winter Dew Tour and we’ve got another bevy of riders and skiers for you guys to evaluate for the PlayStation Pro Moment from Mount Snow.

First up is skier and Mount Snow Slopestyle champ JF Houle, who eased a very steezy Switch Butter 270 to Pretzel Out.

Next for consideration is snowboarder Jamie Anderson, the fourth- place Slopestyle finisher in Breck, who dialed her runs in Mount Snow, earning her first place. Here she lofts a smooth Switch Backside 360.

The Norwegian hammer-dropper Torstein Horgmo snagged the win at the Mount Snow Slopestyle Final. His Switch Backside 1260 is only one piece of the pie.

Riddle me this Cab 1080: Skier Mike Riddle went huge in the Men’s Superpipe, ultimately placing in fifth-place.

Mount Snow Superpipe champ Kelly Clark hucked this gi-normous Fronside Air, further proving that clean and stylish fundamentals can still outscore super-elaborate rotations.

Scotty Lago is another style master capable of putting down some of the neatest Backside 900s we’ve seen in a while.

After you’ve clicked through all the video reels, cast your vote.
How? You can do it one of two ways: either right here online, or text “vote” to 3331 on your Verizon Wireless phone. Cool. Each of the three winning athletes of the PlayStation Pro Moments will receive $5,000, a PLAYSTATION(r) 3, and a library of games.