Picture This is an Alli feature designed to give you a peek into the lives of today's top action sports athletes. For this installment, we sent snowboarder Steve Fisher a random list of things to take pictures of with his camera and here's what he sent back, complete with his thoughts on each shot:

self portrait     self portrait

Self-portrait: (L) This here is “le tigre!” (R) It’s a little softer than “blue steel.” (Photo by Aaron Dodds)


Picture of your pet: This is my dog GURU!


Picture of your house: Front of my house…  Side of it, actually.

contents of backpack

Contents of your backpack: Here’s what’s in my backpack at all times. Gotta have the noise cancelling headphones, world adapters and of course a passport!


A room in your house: Here’s my bedroom…  which is where I sleep, when at home.


A meal you ate that day: Panera… Beats Mickey D’s any day!

electronic gadget

Your favorite electronic gadget: This here is my computer… Definitely a part of my daily life.  It’d be hard to function without it.


Contents of your fridge: My fridge is pretty empty because I eat out a lot. I love trying new restaurants in Breck & Denver!


Plus any random photo you want: Random shot of the Boulder fire this summer


Another random photo: Glow-in-the-dark mini golf…  weird.

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