Picture This is an Alli feature designed to give you a peek into the lives of today's top action sports athletes. For this installment, we sent snowboarder Spencer O’Brien a random list of things to take pictures of with her camera and here's what she sent back, complete with her thoughts on each shot:


Picture of the front of your house: This is the front of my house, my boyfriend and I share the bottom level. Nothing too special.

contents of backpack

Contents of your backpack: Computer, phone, makeup, passport, headphones, purse, sunglasses, keys, notebook, iPod. The usual.


A room in your house: This is our living room. It's clean at the moment.


Your favorite electronic gadget: My computer, but I recently got an iPhone and that's my new favorite gadget.


A meal you ate that day: Crispy Minis Salt and Vinegar. I buy these thinking they're healthier than chips… yeah right.


The contents of your fridge: Lots of yogurt, eggs, nut butters, juice, San Pellegrino and RedBull. You can't see it in this shot though, but it’s on the bottom shelf of the door.


Something you collect: This is our bookshelf, it makes me look smarter than I am… A lot of great books in there though and a few movies.

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