Picture This is a new Alli feature designed to give you a peek into the lives of today's top action sports athletes. For this installment, we sent BMX rider Luke Parslow a random list of things to take pictures of with his camera and here's what he sent:

front of house

A picture of your house: Luke Parslow's compound in Riverside, CA.

contents of backpack

Contents of your backpack: All the necessities for riding, and a few candy bar wrappers for good measure.


Picture of your backyard: He’s at the top of his BMX dirt game because he’s got a dirt course right in his own yard.

Your favorite electronic gadget: Rumor has it, this (Alesis TransActive Mobile) is an amp for an iPod of all things.


The contents of your fridge: Rockstar and ketchup, the staples of every diet.