Picture This is a new Alli feature designed to give you a peek into the lives of today's top action sports athletes. For this installment, we sent BMXer Austin Coleman a random list of things to take pictures of with his camera and here's what he sent, complete with his thoughts on each shot:


Picture of the front of your house: Big L-shaped house, one of three front doors and some toys

contents of backpack

Contents of your backpack: My always-on-me travel backpack


A room in your house: One of the first rooms in my house


Your favorite electronic gadget: This thing is awesome. It's my eReader from Barnes and Noble called the Nook.


A picture of your bedroom: My "actual" bedroom


A meal you ate that day: Tuna melt bagel for breakfast


A picture with family: My brother and I making a snowman


The contents of your fridge: The fridge


One of your collections: Hotel key card and plane ticket stub collection.


Any random photo: My secret bookshelf entrance in my fake bedroom. Don't tell anyone!

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