With a packed crowd full of excitment the Dew Tour Pantech Beach Championship Skate Bowl Finals came to unsuspected end.

Coming into the final heat of the Skate Bowl Finals everyone knew they were in for a treat with Bucky Lasek, Pedro Barros, Tom Schaar, Ben Hatchell and Sandro Dias still in it giving their all.

As some expected, Pedro Barros came in with a will to win and a title to defend as the winner from last year’s Ocean City Skate Bowl champion, but nobody expected today’s outcome to come so quick from the account of rain. Following the first two heats of skating, mother nature decided to step in and play a part in the outcome. Once the decision was made to hold off on anymore action in the bowl, the winner was clear from the previous heats – Barros did it again. “I was stoked with whatever happend in the results, but I wish we could have skated,” said Barros happily with trophy in hand. Pedro went on to mention his feelings about the location, “This is my second year [skating in Ocean City], the second year I won – I’m stoked on this place!”

Coming in second was Bucky Lasek with his earlier runs keeping him locked into a top spot. “I think all in all we put a good show on,” said Bucky optimistically. Speaking to the victor, Barros, Bucky knows that he is always going to be stiff competition. “He’s been getting the better of me lately. He skates with so much power and speed. I think I have him on the technical side, but with that comes a bit more falling. I need to work on a better formula to take down the Brazillian powerhouse,” said Bucky. When it comes to the venue being hosted in Ocean City Bucky couldn’t be more please, “I would come back next week if I was invited [to skate] I love Ocean City.”

Roundig off the podium was none other than the anything transition anhilator, Ben Hatchell. “The rain kind of blows, but no matter what it is just being out here at Dew Tour having a good time – I was stoked on it,” said Hatchell. The decision ultimately came from the skaters said Hatchell, “It was pretty unanimous and they couldn’t really continue becuase the rain was getting worse and nobody was too bummed on the placings.”

Everyone skated great for as long as they could, and despite the weather the crowd stuck it out till the bitter end still pumped on everything that lead up to it.

Check out video highlights from the first two heats online HERE, and check back soon for a photo gallery link posted to the top of this post.


1st Place – Pedro Barros

2nd Place – Bucky Lasek

3rd Place – Ben Hatchell

4th Place – Sandro Dias

5th Place – Tom Schaar

6th Place – Alex Sorgente

7th Place – Andy MacDonald

8th Place – Joshua Rodriguez

9th Place – Kalani David

10th Place – Zach Miller