Pedro Barros is more than just the most aggressive bowl skater currently out there winning competitons, but he is also a major threat on the traditional vert ramps and he proved that this past weekend when he took the top spot at the Maresia Vert Jam in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil hosted by the World Cup of Skateboarding. This year’s vert jam marked the first time in the event’s history that a women’s division competed. Below you can watch Barros’ winning run from the Brazillian vert jam, and for the complete list of results from men and women scroll down to the bottom of this post.



Men’s Results

1st Place – Pedro Barros – 12,500

2nd Place – Rony Gomes – 9500

3rd Place – Mitchie Brusco – 7500

4th Place – Bob Burnquist – 5500

5th Place – Jono Schwan – 4500

6th Place – Marcelo Bastos – 3800

7th Place – Jimmie Wilkins – 3600

8th Place – Andy Macdonald – 3400

9th Place – Sandro Dias –  3200

10th Place – Raul Roger – 3000


Women’s Results

1st Place – Karen Jonz

2nd Place – Renata Paschinni

3rd Place – Bia Sodré


Best Trick Result

Andy Macdonald – Kickflip 540 Melon Grab